At the EinTanzHaus, professional training sessions are regularly scheduled on the rehearsal schedule. Alternating coaches offer all dancers in the region the opportunity to work out daily and stay in shape. The training phases are dependent on the house rehearsal schedule, and also are an opportunity to get to know all the colleagues who are currently collaborating at the EinTanzHaus. At times when no training is offered, the house is opened for individual warm-up, when possible. All dates will be published in advance on our Facebook page and on our website. Interested parties can also register for our newsletter. A short message to presse[at] is enough.

Professional Class


Sep 21 to Sep 24, 10-11:30, ballet technique with Veronika Kornová-Cardizzaro

October 5, 6 and October 15, 16, 10:00-11:30, The Kinesthetic Body with Laura Hicks

Bringing together research into affect, and kinesthesia, Laura Hicks describes the Kinesthetic Body (her own term) as the state of flow one experiences when movement is allowed to build its own sense-logic. The class combines sensorial awareness with ways of moving that are designed to challenge the dance professional's ability to maintain detail with increasing levels of risk. Bringing together deep somatic research, with intensity and complexity, we will look at things likes layering qualities, quick shifts of focus, being moved by gravity or momentum, and states of constant flux. There are no set phrases in this class and it is designed to be sweaty!

Single ticket 7 EUR / Ticket for 10 trainings 50 EUR

Please register at kurse[at]

Open Training


organized by Initiative Freie Tanzszene Rhein Neckar

Next date: Wed, 23. September, 18:00 - 21:00