Sun 29 May 2022
Professional Workshop Choreographic Exploration with Jay Park (dancer for Maura Morales)

For professional & preprofessional dancers
20 EUR

The workshop plans to be held with elements of speed, rhythm, and dynamics.

It will have a warm-up in the process of waking up the dancer’s bodies through several patterns and various flows of movement.

What is important here is how well you accept, understand, and interpret the conflicting elements of dynamics and flow.

After that, through the choreography prepared by Jay, he will train dynamically with speed and dynamics, especially the rhythm of the concept of "Stop and Go."  

The key point of the workshop will be what new texture you can create through speed changes in the rhythm and dynamics you understand.

Who can join?

Professional and pre-professional dancers. Workshop language Englisch.

Please note the daily updated access regulations:

Jay (Junghwi) Park


Jay (Junghwi) Park was born in 1988 in South Korea and is currently based in Berlin as a freelance dancer. He began with street dance, specializing in Popping, Locking and Hip-hop.

A graduate of Sejong University of the Arts in South Koreo, Jay trained in Horton.

He has danced for many world renowned companies like Tuetmaru Company(South Korea), Korea National Contemporary Dance Company(South Korea), National Theater Company of Korea (South Korea), Compagnia Zappala Danza (Italy), Comp:arts Dance Company(Denmark), 12H Dance Company (Germany), Luna Park(Germany) and Cooperativa Maura Morales (Germany).

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---> 29. May. 22 - 11:00 Uhr: Choreographic Exploration Professional Workshop/with Jay Park (dancer for Maura Morales)