Fri 08 Jul 2022
Theaterfestival Schwindelfrei Lisa Bless at Theater Felina-Areal Oxy-Gen/Z(8) / Residency-Showing

18:00 EUR
5 / 9 / 13 / 18
Theater Felina-Areal
Holzbauerstr. 6-8
68167 Mannheim

Oxy-Gen / Z(8) has created a post-apocalyptic future. Planet Earth has become unbalanced - the richest people have already emigrated to Planet B. Most of those left on Earth die young because they have to breathe in the poisonous air. Temperatures of over 50° C have rendered many places uninhabitable.Dead landscapes have been spreading and now cover most of the rivers, seas and oceans. L1Z8 is a member of the Oxy-Generation called for short, Generation Z(8). They are most likely the last people born on planet Earth. Their mission is to find the few oases that are left - places where there is still breathable air. During her residency, Lisa Bless plans to develop a hybrid performance which includes the interaction of video projections, dance and experiments with space. Thereby, she wants to explore the effects of her post-apocalyptic scenarios on her own physical body and discover possible ways of moving in the everyday life of this bleak future.

Choreography and dance Lisa Bless Mentoring Jaime Ramirez und Alexander Nikolaev

Lisa Bless

Lisa Bless is a freelance dancer and choreographer based in Heidelberg. In 2016, she completed her BA degree in Contemporary Dance at the Centre for Contemporary Dance in Cologne. In 2018, she completed the post-graduate performance program ‘Performact’ by Gonçalo Lobato and Ricardo Ambrózio in Portugal. Since then, she has worked in many dance companies including Sandman / Sabine Molenaar (Belgium) and La_Trottier Dance Collective (Mannheim). She has performed her own work at several festivals such as Now & Next Düsseldorf, Made in Köln, Summer Intensive Portugal and Tanz im Delta, Mannheim. Recently, the video of her solo performance “(In)endlichkeit” was shown as part of the “Frauenkörper – der Blick auf das Weibliche von Albrecht Dürer bis Cindy Sherman” in the Kurpfälzischen Museum Heidelberg. 

In 2021, Pankaj Sihag, a dancer who lives and works in India and Lisa Bless, based in Heidelberg, started collaborating on a dance project. The film “Oxy-Gen” has emerged out of the digital collaboration of these solo artists living in India and at that time, Belgium. Her dream is to develop a live performance together with Sihag. As it is still difficult to travel internationally at the moment and both artists are mindful of their ecological footprint, they have decided to create a solo / hybrid version of the piece that they can each present where they happen to be at the moment. 

The film„Oxy-Gen“ will be shown as part of the festival program.   


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