Sun 24 Jul 2022
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On July 24, we invite you to our course day from 1 to 7 pm. Together you can participate in different movement classes. There is something for all ages: from creative children's dance, training and sessions with the Junior Dance Company to floorwork and improvisation. All short workshops are free of charge and can be attended together with friends and family members.

13-13:45 Kreativer Kindertanz 1

For children (4-5) / With Veronika Kornová-Cardizzaro

14-14:45 Kreativer Kindertanz 2

For children (6-9) / With Veronika Kornová-Cardizzaro

15-15:45 Junior Dance Company Open Session

From 12 years / With Julie Pécard & Jonas Frey

16-16:45 Junior Dance Company Training

From 12 years / With Sarah Herr

17-17:45 Floor Work

For Adults / With Sade Mamedova

18-18:45 Improvisation

For adults from 50 / With Martina Martín



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