Mon 24 Oct 2022
Workshop 2 of 3 Monday-Workshop Sarai Patisson

2 of 3 / 3 Mondays in a row
3-Class-Ticket: 51 EUR /
45 EUR (reduced)

Hip Hop - all levels

Rhythm, groove, moves and skills. These themes will be explored, according to the principle of doing-feeling-understanding. By using the movement vocabulary of the Hip Hop subculture - peace, love, unity and having fun.

This offer is part of the impulse Monday workshops, where dance enthusiasts can always get into different styles.


17., 24., & 31. of October

Joelina Rietsche

In 2020, Joelina Rietsche completed her 3-year education for stage dance, choreography and dance pedagogy at Dance Professional Mannheim. As a young dancer, she participated in numerous championships in the field of hip hop. As part of the formations 'Dopies' and ,Dope Skit' she won the German championship title in 2012 and 2013, the first place of the international championship "Finals" in 2015 and the vice title of the German Videoclip Championship in 2018. Since completing her training, she has been working as a professional dancer in the commercial and contemporary field and has appeared in the primetime show "The Masked Singer" on the ProSieben channel.

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