Fri 16 Sep 2022
Contemporary Circus/Dance Out and Around Parcours Overhead Project

16-18 Uhr Outdoor Creation Parcours / Eintritt frei
18 Uhr Bar

Directly in front of the EinTanzHaus, artists from dance, contemporary circus, physical theater, music, visual arts and architecture meet. For several days they improvise, create and research together and in the public space. A new project is created right before your eyes and invites you to be part in different formats: You can get insights into the rehearsal process with Out & Around, meet other people at our beautiful bar, see the guest performance My Body is Your Body by Overhead Project and enjoy a great parcours at the end of the week.



14.9. & 15.9.

18:00 Out and Around


16-18:00 Outdoor Creation Parcours

18:00 Bar

20:00 My Body is Your Body von Overhead Project


14-16:00 Outdoor Creation Parcours

17:00 Bar

20:00 My Body is Your Body

By and with: Charlotte Arens (Production Management), Tim Behren (Artistic Director), Tirza Ben Zvi, Marula Bröckerhoff, Emanuel Breno Caetano (Artistic Director), Francesco Germini, Sarah Herr, Steffen Kistner, Julla Kroner, David Kwiek, Güldeste Mamaç, Ruben Mardulier, Miriam Markl, Julie Pécard, Lorenzo Ponteprimo, Maiol Pruna, Mireille Solomon, Miriam Stanke (Photos), Mimi Wascher

Über die Künstler*innen

Tim Behren, born 1985, lives in Cologne and is curator, choreographer and artistic director of the company Overhead Project. After ten years as a performer on stage, he further specialized in "Dramaturgie Circassienne" at the French Centre National des Arts du Cirque (CNAC) and in "Curating in the Scenic Arts" at Paris Lodron University in Salzburg. In 2019, he founds the CircusDanceFestival. He is a founding member of the Bundesverband Zeitgenössischer Zirkus (BUZZ) and the Kreationsbündnis Zirkus On, and is active in cultural policy on the board of Kulturnetz Köln for the "Contemporary Circus" section. Together with Jenny Patschovsky, he is the editor of the workbook "Circus in flux - Contemporary Circus" (2022) in collaboration with Theater der Zeit.

Growing up in Berlin Marula Bröckerhoff was surrounded by diverse cultural and artistic expressions. Early on she became interested in different kinds of movements, climbing the trees and diving as deep as she could on her trips to nature almost every weekend. Circus gave her the space to physically explore and express her relation to the earth and human struggles in an artistic and playful way. At Stockholm University of the Arts she found her ground and focused on acrobatics, dance and balances. She hopes to create a space where the audience can find sparks to live authentic and unique lives while feeling understood and connected.

Emanuel Breno Caetano grew up in the Brazilian Amazon, but now lives and works mainly in Europe. He received his training as a dancer and circus artist at the Curso técnico em Dança (CTD) of the Faculty of Dance in Brazil and at the Centre National of Cirque (CNAC) in France. After graduating, he founded the "Grupo Fuzuê" in Brazil with Edmar Cândido, which pioneered the exploration of the connection between dance and circus. In France, he joined the "Collectif 3°andar" through which he initiated a series of meetings enabling a broader dialogue on the practice of performance. Breno has already collaborated with various artists, including Yann Marussich, Ohad Naharin, Philippe Decouflé, Marine Mane, Yann Lheureux, Fabrice Melquiot and Mélissa Von Vépy.

Francesco Germini was born in Perugia, Italy. He trained there with Circo Instabile at the age of 15 and dedicated himself to circus education after graduating from high school. In 2014, he received his bachelor's degree in education. During his two years of training at FLIC Scuola di Circo in Turin, he met Maiol Pruna Soler, with whom he has since formed a hand-to-hand duo: Francesco as the base and Maiol as the flyer. In 2016, the two were accepted at the Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque (ESAC) in Brussels, where they graduated in 2019. Today they work on their own pieces and with companies such as Overhead Project and Circo Eia.

Sarah Herr is a dancer, choreographer, circus educator and cultural mediator (M.A.) with a focus on diversity and migration. As co-founder of the 5elefants tanzkollektiv and also in collaborations with other artists, she develops dance theater and performances for people of different ages. Her work is informed by an interest and experience in instant composition, contact improvisation, acrobatics/partnering and release floor work. As a dancer she worked among others with Compagnie Patricia Wolf & Dancers, Tanztheater Gabriela Lang, Dansimprovisatie Iris van Peppen, Sasha Waltz & Guests, Didier Théron, Alexandra Pirici and many more. ////

Steffen Kistner, born in 1987, is a German double and electric bassist. After many years of classical training on the clarinet, he turned to popular music and the bass, followed by studies at the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Stuttgart in electric and double bass - jazz. In addition to his diverse activities as a freelance artist in the context of various artistic projects, theater productions and studio work, he teaches auditory training, analysis and ensemble at the HMDK Stuttgart.

Maiol Pruna Soler grew up in the Spanish performing arts scene due to the work of his parents. In 2014, he began studying at the FLIC Scuola di Circo in Turin. There he met Francesco Germini and the two began working as a hand-to-hand duo. In 2016, they were accepted at the Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque (ESAC) in Brussels, where they graduated in 2019. They are currently touring with the Spanish circus company Circo Eia and working for Overhead Project as well as on their own productions.

Güldeste Mamaç, born in 1989 and raised in Izmir, is a violinist, singer, performer, composer and producer. Her style uniquely combines the melancholy of Anatolia, her Mediterranean roots, and psychedelic and Eastern influences.


Ruben Mardulier (1993, BE) founded in 2016 the artist duo Mardulier and Deprez which took an unconventional approach to the medium of circus. This way of working resulted in a unique oeuvre with a recognizable signature. Since the beginning of 2022 Ruben focusses on elaborating his solo practice in which simplicity, absurdity and the relationship to the body are key elements. With a special focus on the concepts of 'care' and 'collectivity', Ruben makes use of a broad spectrum of media, ranging from performance and installation to painting and poetry.  

Miriam Markl works as a freelance dancer and choreographer in Mannheim. One of Miriam's main concerns is to inspire people for contemporary performance art who otherwise have little contact with it. She deals with everyday organizational structures and presents them through performance and choreography. As a dancer she has worked with Lillian Stillwell, Catherine Guerin and was a guest dancer at the Theater und Orchester Heidelberg as well as several times at the Staatsoper Stuttgart.

Zachary Schoenhut (New York, 1991) is an interdisciplinary artist, curator and researcher. His focus rests within the political and theoretical implications present at the intersections of a variety of disciplines and discourses: queer theory, linguistics, performance studies, black studies, and ethnography. Zachary engages in a number of different practices that engage multiple forms of performative, sculptural, and digital methodologies. He maintains a studio practice in Brussels, BE.

Miriam Stanke (1983) is a documentary photographer whose long-term projects often deal with questions of identity, migration and the effects of conflict. Her travels have taken her to the Middle and Far East as well as the Balkan regions, among other places, and fueled her constant fascination with different cultures, which is reflected in her work. In 2015, she completed her Masters in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at LCC (London) and received the Graduate Photographers Award from Magnum Photos and Photo London, as well as the Flash Forward Award from the Magenta Foundation. Her work has received numerous awards and has been exhibited internationally.

After years of professional experience as an architect, Mireille Solomon decided to break new ground and reinvent herself in 2020. Today she focuses on interior, furniture and lighting design. In addition, free, interdisciplinary projects and collaborations in the fields of dance, theater, film and art are the focus of her creative work. Tasks such as set design for dance pieces in off-locations allow her to combine her passions for built and movement.

Mimi Wascher is a contemporary dance artist based in Brussels, Belgium. After her studies at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp she started working with the French artists Théo Mercier and Steven Michel. In 2021 she began the collaboration with the Belgian dance company tout petit, who‘s work focuses on young audience. In her own work Mimi practices a feminist philosophy and aims to create space for the complexity of meaning a body and its actions can have. Next to her artistic work, Mimi engages herself politically. As a member of voices of dance she takes part in discussions on art policy within the Belgian governments.

Tirza Ben Zvi was born and raised in Jerusalem and arrived in Germany in 2017 to complete her education in contemporary dance in Hamburg (CDSH). From a young age she was surrounded by art and completed her high school majoring in Visual arts, Theatre and classical piano. Her movement background is based on 12 years of practicing the Brazilian Martial art Capoeira. Her passion as a performer and creator is to piece together different art forms and to create multidisciplinary practices and creations. Since her Graduation in 2020 Tirza worked around Europe as a freelancer artist for a movie, dance films, dance theatre pieces, teaching dance classes and choreographing her own creations.

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