Sat 08 Oct 2022
Workshop Körper und Stimme with Miriam Markl

11 - 14h

After a guided warm-up for body and voice, we explore the connection of sound and language with movement and dance. Through dance and sound improvisations, we explore how sound and body language relate to the dancing body. How does our movement influence the sound of our voice? How does sound influence our movement? How can sound or language exist equally with dance in space? How does the meaning of language change through the way we move in space? We will dance, speak, sound and also work with text. This workshop offering follows Miriam Markl's six-month research on language and dance as part of DIS-TANZ SOLO. In this workshop, she would like to invite you to dive into the topic yourself and share some of her findings.

No singing, vocal or dance experience required.

Miriam Markl has been working as a freelance dancer and choreographer in Mannheim since 2017. One of her major interests is to inspire people for performance art who otherwise have little contact with it. In doing so, she explores the interface between everyday life and art. She has shown pieces in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, in theaters, on the street and at parties. She has danced for many freelance choreographers and several times as a guest dancer at the Stuttgart State Opera.


Foto (c) Günter Krämmer

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