Sun 20 Nov 2022
Workshop // New Dates! Introduction to Viewpoints with Martin Carnevali

11 - 16h
120 EUR / 90 EUR (reduced for Professionals and members of the association)

Introdution to Viewpoints is a two-day workshop with Martin Carnevali that introduces participants to the Viewpoints method. This workshop does not claim to teach participants how to use Viewpoints, but rather to give an insight into this world. The workshop will take place on Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 16:00 with breaks.

Please contact Julie Pécard at with any questions.

Viewpoints is perception training.

Viewpoints is an improvisation and working technique for actors/performers.

Viewpoints makes physical criteria of time and space the conscious basis of our actions. This enables concrete orientation and interaction according to objectively perceivable guidelines.

Viewpoints assumes a functioning unity of body and mind in which there is no hierarchy. Thought and action are one.

Viewpoints is process-oriented work, not result-oriented.

Viewpoints sets processes in motion so that things can happen.

Viewpoints is basic research, tools, training.

Viewpoints is collaborative creativity.

Viewpoints is theater of practical research and discovery.

Viewpoints is a departure into places we don't yet know exist.

Mary Overlie first formulated the Viewpoints vocabulary in the 1970s. She took her cue from the language of visual and other artistic disciplines - their comprehensible objectivity and plausible productivity. Anne Bogart systematically shaped and developed this vocabulary.

Martin Carnevali learned the Viewpoints technique with Anne Bogart and the SITI Company in New York. He was previously an actor in German State theaters for ten years.

Now he deals with the practical and inspirational aspects of theater: working techniques, training, research in laboratories, theater anthropology, phenomenology of theater. This often takes him to Poland, Wales, and India, and has brought him together with theater makers such as Phillip Zarrilli, Tadashi Suzuki, Eugenio Barba, Mary Overlie, and Kaite O'Reilly.

He teaches the Viewpoints technique at drama schools in Germany and India and has translated Anne Bogart's and Tina Landau's workbook The Viewpoints Book into German, published by Alexander-Verlag.

Since the 21/22 season, Martin Carnevali has been an actor and dramaturg at the Lucerne Theater. There he leads the trainings for the acting ensemble and is responsible for questions of scenic practice.

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