Mon 12 Dec 2022
Workshop 2 of 2 Monday-Workshop with Martina Martín

2 of 2 / 2 Mondays in a row
2-Class-Ticket: 34 EUR /
30 EUR (reduced)

Surprise your body

The body, our movements, and the way we approach them is constantly affected. The best way to enjoy it is to tune in and connect every time. As part of this workshop, we will use improvisation tools, choreography, and music to find creative ways of empowering the body with humour, love, and a desire to learn and explore. These classes are a great way to explore and be thankful for one's body.

This offer is part of the impulse Monday workshops, where dance enthusiasts can always get into different styles.


5. & 12. December

Martina Martín

Martina Martín studied at the Royal Conservatory of Dance in Madrid. After graduating in 2012, she joined balletMainz as an intern under the direction of Pascal Touzeau and has been living in Mannheim since 2020. As a guest artist and guest choreographer, she has worked with international companies such as caraBdanza, Proart and veozDanza México. She has also worked with the Staatstheater Karlsruhe as well as with the NostosTanzTheater. She has participated in numerous festivals and competitions, including Ibérica Contemporánea 2017 and Ibérica Contemporánea Dance Competition, where she won the first prize for her choreographic work. In addition, in 2019 she had the opportunity to develop her work Cartes Postales d'un Migrant in collaboration with the musician Pepe Pereira and the dance company Led Silhouette.

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