Sat 10 Dec 2022
Performance Workshop deciphered with Jonas Frey

16 - 17.30h
25 EUR / 20 EUR (for members of EinTanzHaus)

In this workshop we explore the field of tension of urban dance in the context of contemporary choreography. In the warm-up we will tune into music, body and space with guided improvisation tasks. Afterwards we dedicate ourselves to different urban basic techniques and movement concepts, which we analyze extensively in order to find our own style in it. Based on the piece development of deciphered we will then bring the movement material into different relations to each other: How does our movement material change when we dance in a typical question-answer circle? Or when we dance against one another? And what if we don't dance one after the other, but share the space and coexist there?

Jonas grew up in the hip hop scene of Heidelberg in the 90s. At the age of 14 he discovered his passion for dance and started breaking. As a B-Boy he was active in the scene with various crews. From 2009 to 2013 he studied at the ArtEZ School of Dance, Netherlands, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Dance in Education. Since then he has been working mainly as a freelance dancer, choreographer and dance facilitator. His work always incorporates ideas from hip hop culture, his knowledge from his studies, and his experience as a contemporary dancer. Together with Julie Pécard, he leads the Junior Dance Company at EinTanzHaus in Mannheim.

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