Mon 15 May 2023
Workshop 2 of 3 Monday-Workshop with Leonardo Rodrigues

2 of 3 / 3 Mondays in a row
3-Class-Ticket: 51 EUR /
45 EUR (reduced) / 17 EUR (one-class-ticket)

A Ritual of Empathy with Leonardo Rodrigues

Who are you?

I am Leonardo. I was born in Brazil and lived, worked, and studied abroad for 20 years. I completed a MA degree in the HfMDK in Frankfurt, and I define myself as a person of colour with a queer mind and a multifaceted dance artist. I am a cat lover, fun to talk to, and sometimes introspective. I recently moved to Mannheim and look forward to engaging with the city and becoming part of its artistic development.

What do you do?

I explore concepts around the themes of “identity and identification”. My recent research surrounding ideas of body, territory, and boundaries has achieved the support of Dachverband Deutschland in the frame of DIS-TANZEN Solo.
I am experienced as a dancer, educator, choreographer, and rehearsal director for professional city theatres and independent companies. In my work, dance is crucial in developing knowledge and creating a space open for all bodies.
As a dance teacher, I offer contemporary dance classes based on floor work, somatic, and improvisation from professional schools and independent houses. To learn more about my work and collaborations, please visit my site:

What will I learn in the class?

In the dance workshop „A Ritual of Empathy“, I will guide you through an improvisational practice. These three training days aim to reinforce the participant’s sensory information. The idea is to enhance your intuition, letting body and mind work on the same level. In this way, I hope we can elaborate our concepts around boundaries in the context of individual and collective space.

What should I bring?

Bring sports shoes in case we get wild in the room. Your notes are welcome in the studio. But, most of all, bring your openness, kindness, and curiosity. We will need to work together to dance together.

What else do I need to know?

This space will be open to EVERYONE. Therefore, it is crucial to know that we are not aiming to have a highly technical dance class. Instead, the course seeks rhythm in the group.
Get ready to connect with others!

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