Fri 05 May 2023

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Collectif Ouinch Ouinch

Marius Barthaux, Karine Dahouindji, Adél Juhász, Collin Cabanis

Surrounded by the audience, bodies pass each other, brush against each other and cling to each other on the dancefloor. There is tulle, show-off, sweaty skin and a joyful fever that takes hold of all the souls in the room. Happy Hype by Collectif Ouinch Ouinch was born in 2018 as part of the Geneva Music Festival and is inspired by the Hype Call, a practice that originated in krump, a dance style that appeared in the 90s in the suburbs of Los Angeles. In the centre of the dance circle, emotions are released, without filters, in a jubilant trance that calls for encouragement from the spectators. A real explosion of energy that invites us to dive into a large collective bath until the implosion of the ego in the waves of rhythm.

Photo: © JenniferScherler

Duration approx. 50 minutes Languages: French/English. This event uses strobe lights and loud music.

Followed by party with DJ Mulah.


Conception Marius Barthaux, Karine Dahouindji, Simon Crettol, Nicolas Fernando Mayorga Ramirez et Mulah Choreography, Interpretation Marius Barthaux, Karine Dahouindji, Elie Autin, Adél Juhász et Collin Cabanis (Simon Peretti, Victor Poltier) Music live Maud Hala Chami aka Mulah avec les remix de SANTO Production Cie des Marmots, Le Voisin Administration, Production & Promotion Association Ars Longa Mathias Ecoeur, Le Voisin Anna Ladeira Photographies Raphaëlle Mueller, Julie Folly, Quentin Bacchus, Jennifer Scherler

Partners L'Abri-Genève, Le FAR Nyon Co-Production Belluard Bollwerk Festival


Das Festival UND JETZT? wird unterstützt durch die Baden-Württemberg Stiftung und der Stiftung LBBW.


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