Thu 20 Apr 2023
Discussion Menschenskirche, Deine Zukunft!? Must be postponed

19:00 Uhr

Bishop discusses with Mannheim citizens

Under the motto Menschenskirche, deine Zukunft! (Church of People, Your Future!), Bishop Heike Springhart discusses with citizens from Mannheim. The panel will include Alfred Wieczorek, former general director of the Reiss-Engelhorn Museums, Daria Holme, artistic director and managing director of EinTanzhaus, Cornelius von Komorowski, a student at Johann Sebastian Bach High School, and Dean Ralph Hartmann. It will be moderated by editor-in-chief Karsten Kammholz of the Mannheimer Morgen and Daniel Meier of the Center for Communication of the regional church.

The evening is intended to provide an opportunity to start thinking about the path of change: What do people expect and need from a church that is getting smaller? What could the future of the church in Mannheim look like? And what will happen to the buildings?

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An event of Evangelische Landeskirche Baden.

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