Fri 06 Nov 2020
CANCELLED Postheroica Tanzwerke Vanek Preuß & Ton25

Cancelled !

Contemporary dance meets electronic music in the first collaboration between Tanzwerke Vanek Preuß und Ton25.


Created in Beethoven's anniversary year, Postheroica focuses on the hero myth of Beethoven, who is usually stylized as a titan and visionary. In this work, the dark sides of his biography are explored, which was also characterized by his fight against illness and physical injury. Postheroica commemorates the artist and questions his glorification.

The Bonn-based company Tanzwerke Vanek Preuß has developed a movement language for this work that does justice to the contradictory and hypnotic character of his music. Based on world-famous works such as the Moonlight Sonata, Ton25 has created a world of sound that blends the awe-inspiring aura of Beethovenian themes with the electronic sounds of modern medical devices and noises from nature and technology.

Dance Dwayne Holliday, Nora Vladiguerova, Tobias Weikamp Direction & Choreography Karel Vaněk Concept & Dramaturgy Guido Preuß Composition & Music Editing Mogens Kragh, Thiemo Löhl (Ton25), Ludwig van Beethoven op. 27.2 Production Traumpalast e.V., Tanzwerke Vaněk Preuß, Ton 25 Supported by BTHVN2020

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