Tue 05 Oct 2021
Wunder der Prärie & zeitraumexit Climatic Dances Laboratory Workshop with Amanda Piña

18:00 to 22:00
the location will be announced
free of charge
registration at

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In order to prepare her guest performance at the Wunder der Prärie festival Amanda Piñas will do a three day lasting workshop open to professional and amateur dancers. Participants will take part in the main performances. In the three days of the workshop dancers and dance adepts can enjoy movement and will get to know more of the dance expressions related to grief and resistance proper to the Masewal culture, a Maya society based in the northern highlands of Mexico. A main focus will be drawn on our relation with nature. The guiding principle will be the motto of American Sociologist Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui: There cannot be a discourse of decolonisation, nor a theory of decolonisation, without a decolonising practice.

All participants will take part in the performances of Climatic Dances to be presented on October the 8th and 9th at Eintanzhaus.

Entrance: tested, vaxinated or recovered.

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