Sun 17 Oct 2021
Projekt-Präsentation Shared Spaces - Sharing FLUX Rhein-Neckar

19 Uhr
5 / 9 / 18 / 25 EUR

SHARED SPACES is a festival by and with 15 freelance dancers and choreographers from Mannheim and Heidelberg. The new format offers space for reflection, vision, research, and networking.

For five days, the artists will rehearse, dance and research together. Throughout the week they will share their work you through improvisations, workshops, and discussion events

An installation developed specifically for this format awaits you in Heidelberg Breidenbach Studios on Sunday October 10th. "A Room of One's Own" presents each artist in a unique performance installation. At the end of the week, you will also find a great presentation with many artistic surprises in EinTanzHaus. 

Would you like to join and be informed about formats such as workshops and studio presentations?

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By and with Amelia Eisen, Catherine Guerin, Cecilia Ponteprimo, Christina Liakopoyloy, Crystal Schüttler, Edan Gorlicki, Elisabeth Kaul, Jonas Frey, Julie Pécard, Kirill Berezovski, Lorenzo Ponteprimo, Miriam Markl, Rebecca Häusler, Sarah Herr, Veronika Kornová-Cardizzaro

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for
Culture and the Media, Kulturamt der Stadt Mannheim, Kulturamt der Stadt Heidelberg and Sparkassen Versicherung. Partners Inter-Actions and EinTanzHaus Mannheim.

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