Fri 17 Dec 2021
Dance Über die Wut Anna Konjetzky

5 / 9 / 18 / 25 EUR

WUT ("ANGER") is written in LED letters above the stage where the dancer Sahra Huby is acting important, flexing her muscles, opening her mouth wide, squeezing her eyebrows together, baring her teeth. Anger grips the body and enlarges the body; we spit blood, we foam at the mouth, anger takes our breath away and takes possession of our muscles, eyes, and voice, changes and distorts them, and lets our body appear grotesque, threatening, aggressive, but also humorous and comical – and so, on the wall behind Sahra Huby celebrities and politicians flicker and flutter, but also cartoons.

On Anger examines the potentiality of anger – especially women's angerwith movement, images, music, and texts. On this stage Sahra Huby is an angry woman, and she also brings onto the stage all those angry women from the present and the past as witnesses to be at her side – from Clytemnestra to Joan of Arc, and all the way to Rosa Parks and Audre Lorde. Together with them the work poses the question about a fundamental and radical transformation.

2G(+): Please follow the current regulations.

Choreography, Stage Anna Konjetzky Dance Sahra Huby Music Brendan Dougherty Costume design Michiel Keuper, Martin Sieweke Video Susanne Steinmassl Light, stage Barbara Westernach LED-construction Timm Burkhardt production management Rat & Tat Kulturbüro PR Simone Lutz

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