Sat 04 Dec 2021
Tanz / Breaking / Popping Workshop mit Raphael Moussa Hillebrand

11-13 Uhr
20 EUR

On December 4, participants will dive into the movement materials and choreographic practice of Berlin-based choreographer and dancer Raphael Moussa Hillebrand. The focus will be on the hip-hop styles of breaking and popping. Basic techniques will be taught and the participants will learn to adapt these basics to their own bodies and preferences, to find their own style and to experience the basic principles of hip-hop on their own bodies and to define their own style of movement. The musical approaches of the workshop will be different, from breakbeats to experimental.

The workshop is suitable for different levels and is aimed at participants with little previous knowledge up to advanced. During the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to try out their skills in the cypher (group freestyle) and in the installation "Video Loop".

 Admission fully vaxinated or recovered.

Photo: Dajana Lothert

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