Fri 18 Mar 2022
Dance Ma poésie 3: Thinking views La Trottier Dance

5 / 9 / 18 / 25 EUR

In the last part of the trilogy Ma poésie, Éric Trottier and four dancers develop a utopian harmonic scenario. It is inspired by the view of individual cells in their commonality, how they form an organism in constant micro-movement, and by molecular atoms in motion.

Ma poésie 3, as the last part of the trilogy, follows Ma poésie 1 - Il nous restera ça (2019) and Ma poésie 2 - The weight of waiting (2020/2021). The pieces are connected by the question of how the living, the creative in itself manifests itself and which interfaces between being and human being, between individual and community.

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Director & Set Design Éric Trottier Dance Laura Börtlein, Martina Martin, Katharina Wiedenhofer, Seung Hwan Lee Choreographic Assistance Michelle Cheung Costume Melanie Riester Music Steffen Dix Video Benjamin Jantzen Light & Technical Direction Stefan Grießhaber Management, Dramaturgie Susanne Brauer

Photo (c) Lys Y. Seng




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