Sat 26 Feb 2022
Konzert DIALOGS Carlos Trujillo - People

20 Uhr
5 / 9 / 18 / 25 EUR

If there is something that characterizes this quintet, it is its flexibility. Each concert is surprising, the repertoire is varied and the narratives they present are contrasting and different from each other. People is one of the results of the collaboration between jazz musicians and contemporary composer Carlos Trujillo. Their common goal is to communicate through their different musical influences and not to set themselves stylistic boundaries. Through their own way of composing, arranging and perfoming, the quintet has managed over the years to form a characteristic sound that touches the audience. DIALOGS; A DANCED CONCERT presents as part of the series Impulsive Jazz! - Klang neuer Orte der IG Jazz Rhein-Neckar e.V. at EinTanzHaus Mannheim and will be accompanied by the dancers Mike Planz and Kevin Albancando.

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Carlos Trujillo Piano Michael Schreiner Saxophone Florin Küppers Guitar Jan Dittmann Bass Johannes Hamm Drums Mike Planz & Kevin Albancando Dance

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