Mon 25 Apr 2022
1 von 3 Monday Workshop with Amelia Eisen

1von3 / 3 Montage in Folge
19:00-20:30 Uhr
3-Termin-Ticket: 51 EUR /
45 EUR (reduziert)

Amelia Eisen's classes will be focused on sharing a new movement practice she is in the process of developing called 'Peripheral Vision,' a multi-sensory method inspired by nature. It is designed to bring new awareness and sensitivity to one's inner and outer environment with the aim of connecting the participants deeper with the space, their own bodies and each other. Looking at examples of this in nature, this interactive awareness can be seen in trees; the process of how they communicate with each other, forming a collective of individual trees, will be translated physically both as a visual image and as a way of moving and listening collectively. The classes will be playful, exploratory and are open to passionate movers of any level.

The offer is part of the impulse Monday workshops, where dance enthusiasts can always get into different styles.

Please note the daily updated access regulations:


Dates 25. April, 2. & 9. Mai

Teacher: Amelia Eisen

Language: English

Amelia Eisen


Amelia Eisen has been based in Mannheim since 2017 and works internationally between Germany and California as a Freelance Dance Artist, Teacher and Holistic Health Coach. She trained with Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet in San Francisco, Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company in Israel and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. She has danced for choreographers and companies including Michael Bronczkowski, Pascal Sangl, 5elefants tanzkollektiv, Crystal Schüttler, Green Flamingo Project, Richard Oberscheven, Taulant Shehu, Catherine Guerin, Eric Trottier, Luis Sayago, ZiRu Dance Company, Kinetech Arts and Project Agora. Her most recent dance productions include Project Warrior (2019, 2020 & 2022), Elevation (2021), These words before all else (2021), and her coming new production, Listening in Wild Places will take place in Spring 2022 at Altes Klärwerk, Mannheim. Alongside her artistic work, Amelia teaches contemporary dance and Holistic Health in schools and works with private clients and groups in her Health Coaching Programs which focus on Gut Health (Digestive Health).

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