Mon 20 Jun 2022
1 von 3 Monday Workshop with Michael Bronczkowski

1von3 / 3 Montage in Folge
3-Termin-Ticket: 51 EUR /
45 EUR (reduziert)

Michael Bronczkowski's Impulse Workshops will aim to heighten and deepen the consciousness of our bodies using deceleration as the main gateway for a new bodily encounter/thus with yourself. Listening through and with the body by using techniques such as authentic movement, somatic experiencing and butoh.

The offer is part of the impulse Monday workshops, where dance enthusiasts can always get into different styles.

Please note the daily updated access regulations:

Dates 20., 27. June & 4. July

Teacher: Michael Bronczkowski

Language: English

Michael Bronczkowski

Michael Bronczkowski studied dance at the Duke Ellington School of the Performing Arts in Washington DC/USA and at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. He gained his first professional experience as a dancer at the Königsfelder Festspiele (Switzerland), directed by Félix Dumèril. From 2012-2015 he was a member of the dance company of the Stadttheater Giessen under the direction of Tarek Assam. In 2015 Kevin O'Day brought him into his company at the National Theater in Mannheim. Since 2016 he has been working as a freelance dancer, choreographer, as well as teaching contemporary dance at various universities inside and outside Germany.

Since 2016 he has created numerous choreographic works, among others for the Nationaltheater Mannheim: "Endstation Sehnsucht" (2019), "Hoppla, wir Leben" (2019) and "Ein Körper für hier und jetzt" (2021). Michael has worked with choreographers including Christopher Huggins, Charles Augins, Elana Anderson, Melvin Deal, Ralph Gilmore, Litza Bixler, Tommy Small, Félix Duméril, Tarek Assam, David Williams, Robert Pryzbyl, Mirko Hecktor, Rui Horta, Marcos Marco, James Wilton, Pascal Touzeau, Dominique Dumais, Kevin O'Day, Lukas Timulak, Catherine Guerin, Darja Reznikova, Amelia Eisen, and Kirill Berezovski. Since October 2021 he also works as a M.A. Dance and Movement Therapist.

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