We are happy to share with you the new FLUX format Unpolished Wednesdays. This format is primarily meant for experimentation and for creating bonds between artists and audiences in order to reach potential audiences. To do that, we came up with four different concepts:

Showcase. Show an excerpt of your work plus a short workshop that involves the audience. We will prioritize works that are about to be premiered/performed to promote them.

Laboratory. Experiment with your way of working and use the space as a place to create a dialogue with the audience. For example, let the audience create a small performance by teaching them how to use your choreographic tools. This will make them experience what it means and what it takes to choreograph.

Feedback session. This is the original format of Unpolished Wednesdays: you show a part of your work and the audience will give you feedback. If you are looking for a particular feedback to receive according to your work, please prepare it in advance.

Date an artist. The goal is to gain experience in presenting yourself, introducing your work, and interacting with others by using a speed dating format.







Unpolished Wednesday is scheduled monthly to create some regularity. The next season will begin on October 4th. The next events will take place on: November, 1st, December, 6th (to be confirmed), January, 3rd, February, 7th, March, 6th, April, 3rd, May, 1st, June, 5th, July, 3rd (to be confirmed).

Organisational Info

  • EinTanzHaus needs the artist’s information at least 2 weeks before (the sooner the better to address audiences) – the information includes the type of format, credits, a short text, and pictures if available.
  • If no artists sign up the dates will be filled by the organization team
  • To participate please send an email with all the information to unpolishedwednesdays[at] Please note that FLUX members have priority if there is more than one application.

  • The format doesn’t include fees and/or travel costs for artists but offers infrastructure, organization, and PR to communicate with future audiences.
  • We highly encourage people to be active and participate in Unpolished Wednesday, and we are looking forward to seeing how this format will expand.



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