The EinTanzHaus is still closed. However, our digital library offers you the opporunity to take a look every now and then to experience works of artists, insights and other creative surprises.

EinTanzHaus meets the world of digital games

No more theater visits since November ... a pretty tough time for some of us. Our friend Béla (14 years old) used the time to create EinTanzHaus in Minecraft. What a beautiful idea!




The Europeans / Mannheim, Warsaw, Montpellier

For his project The Europeans/The Mannheim Peaces the choreographer Didier Théron brought together seven dancers from Mannheim, Warsaw and Montpellier. In the first phase of the project the dancers introduced themselves to each other with short, self-made video clips. The Italian video artist Antonio Pipolo was inspired by the creativity and playfulness of these films, to create a new work.

Video Editing and Concept Antonio Pipolo Music Joel Allouche Production EinTanzHaus A collaboration with the Kulturamt der Stadt Mannheim