Thu 29 Oct 2020
Dance Performance ATARA - For you, who has not yet found the one Reut Shemesh / Cologne

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ATARA is a performance about Jewish female Orthodox practice. The piece revolves around different perspectives of orthodox and secular women towards gender roles, family structures and their positions towards each other. The project explores the approach that links religions to guilt and shame with sex and the female body. Drawing from a series of interviews and photographic portraits, the worldviews and experiences of multiple women are shared through reenactment, photography, text, and movement. The work is motivated by the choreographer's own experiences,
coming from a mixed secular/orthodox Jewish family, and investigates the tensions within such family structures. A mixed cast of both religious and non-religious background dancers are performing religious ceremonies, rituals, and conversations, transforming them into contemporary practice and movement.


Concept, Choreography, Text, Photography Reut Shemesh Creation Hella Immler, Tsipora Nir, Florian Patschovsky Performance Hella Immler, Johanna Kasperowitsch, Florian Patschovsky Dramaturgy Matthias Quabbe Music & Sound Design Simon Bauer Video Art, Stage, Light Design Ronni Shendar Financial Dramaturgy Béla Bisom Production, Management Sabina Stücker.

A production by Reut Shemesh Co-production K3 I Tanzplan Hamburg and tanzhaus nrw DüsseldorfFounded by Kulturamt der Stadt Köln, der Hamburgischen Kulturstiftung, Kunststiftung NRW, Stiftung Zurückgeben, KunstSalon Stiftung / Step Up and RheinEnergie Stiftung. Supported by tanzfaktur köln, iDAS NRW, Machol Shalem Jerusalem.

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---> 29. Oct. 20 - 20:00 Uhr: ATARA - For you, who has not yet found the one Dance Performance/Reut Shemesh / Cologne