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EinTanzHaus Bar & Café

Bar & Café

A coffee before the performance? Or a glass of wine with friends afterwards? The EinTanzHaus Bar invites you to talk to other audience members and artists and to experience the wonderful atmosphere of our house from a different perspective.

Opening hours

The EinTanzHaus Bar opens one hour before the performance. During the performances, the bar is closed. Please be considerate of our neighbours and local residents.

Restaurant Salerno

Restaurant Salerno

The restaurant Salerno directly opposite to the EinTanzHaus, hosts our theatre courtyard. Abbas Ftouni, who has run this long-established restaurant for many years, has the longest list of pizzas in Mannheim on his menu. Numerous pasta, meat, fish and vegetarian dishes are also offered daily. Why not enjoy a great dinner there before the show?

"We don't just make Italian food; it is our passion. It is very important to us to only use fresh and high-quality products."

Restaurant Salerno / G 5,1 / 68159 Mannheim


TEL 0621-17 88 600
FAX 0621-17 88 600
MAIL salerno-mannheim[at]