EinTanzHaus e.V. / VR701216

The EinTanzHaus e.V. is a registered, nonprofit association founded for the facilitation and support of the EinTanzHaus based in Mannheim. It was founded in October of 2015 with the vision to realize a center for contemporary dance in and for Mannheim. Everyone can join the association either as an active or passive member. The association organization is formed by the executive board and the general assembly. The association's constitution can be downloaded HERE.




Becoming a Member

Everyone can become a member of the EinTanzHaus. For a supporting membership, please download an application form HERE and send it to the association by mail, fax, or email. As a supporting member, you are entitled to attend the annual general assembly, but supporting members do not have voting rights. In addition, as a member, you also receive a membership card which enables you to purchase discounted admission tickets for our regular events (special events are excluded from this) in the EinTanzHaus.