Sat 22 Apr
Workshop Through the eyes of the other mit Shaked Dagan

10 - 13 Uhr
34 EUR / 30 EUR (für Vereinsmitglieder reduziert)

Through the eyes of the other mit Shaked Dagan

Who are you?

I am a dance artist and researcher on a journey, exploring movement and performance.

What do you do?

I look for ways to treat myself and the people around me through artistic research. I see this as a way to reflect on our lives and habits, and bring us together in playful ways that allow us for short moments to enjoy nonsense and to connect to our childish instincts. In my work, I try to develop methodologies that structure this experimentation and allow us to practice and get better in letting go of control.

What will I learn in your Workshop?

In this workshop, we will experiment together with imitation. As part of the current research, we will practice mirroring each other physically, vocally, and mentally. Using these tasks together, we will get a chance to reflect on how imitation impacts our sense of empathy and connectivity. We will look at some main features that imitation requires from us, and what it can offer us. We will learn new ways to connect to each other and to ourselves.

What should I bring?

You should bring comfortable, warm clothes in which you can move freely, and some paper and pens. Was muss ich sonst noch wissen? // What else should I know? We will begin with a quick warm-up together, please feel free to arrive sooner and prepare yourself as you need. The workshop will take place in English, but we could try to translate some things if necessary.

Shaked Dagan is a dance artist and researcher. She has been working internationally as a dancer, choreographer, and dance educator. She explores performative territories that pace along the disciplinary boundaries and experiments with different mediums and practices. In her current Master's in Curating (Aarhus University DK), she researches the curatorial crossing between choreography, contemporary dance, and collaborative constellations. 


Shaked Dagan arbeitet international als Tänzerin, Choreografin und Tanzpädagogin. Interdisziplinär erforscht sie performative Territorien und experimentiert dabei mit verschiedenen Medien und Arbeitsweisen. Aktuell absolviert sie den Masterstudiengang Kuratieren an der Aarhus University in Dänemark und erforscht die kuratorischen Überschneidungen von Choreografie, zeitgenössischem Tanz und kollaborativen Konstellationen.

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