Sun 30 Jun 2024
Repertoire - Workshop Akram Khan Company - Kaash and Until Lions mit Joy Alpuerto Ritter

11:00 - 15:00 Uhr
50/40 EUR (2 Days Ticket)

EinTanzHaus provides two days of 4-hour intensive practice, hosting Joy Alpuerto to lead a contemporary workshop for dance practitioners. 

This workshop is part of a series of works to support professional dancers and advanced students in Baden-Württemberg, strengthen techniques, generate more visibility, and support a network of choreographers and dancers abroad.

Photo: Jean-Louis Fernandez

Workshop description:

The workshop starts with a practice of physicality with tasks focusing on dynamics, precision and rhythmical patterns. Participants will then embark on an internal journey by exploring the intentionality of the Akram Khan Company’s narratives through improvisation-led exercises. Articulating these technical and creative dimensions, the workshop will develop into learning excerpts from Kaash and Until the Lions by the Akram Khan Company.


Information about the class:

This workshop is open to 16+ advanced students, and professionals dancers looking for an immersion in dance techniques.

Participants should wear comfortable clothes and be prepared to dance barefoot or in socks. It is advisable to bring a bottle of water and a towel for use after class.

There will be some breaks during the workshop planned according to the participant's needs.

 We close the doors at the designated class start time, no late entry!

Language of instruction: English 

*There will be no registration or admission on the day of the workshop*

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Joy Alpuerto Ritter 

Joy was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Freiburg in Breisgau (DE). In her youth she trained in ballet, jazz, Philippine and Polynesian folk dance and graduated at the Palucca School in Dresden. She started working as a contemporary freelance dancer with choreographers like Christoph Winkler, Anja Kozik, Heike Hennig and Yui Kawaguchi. For a period of time she focused in urban dance styles like hip hop, breakdance and voguing and was active in the urban dance scene in Europe. In 2011, she joined Cirque du Soleil as a dancer and aerial artist in the Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour.

Since 2013 she has been a dancer and rehearsal director at the Akram Khan Company and she has danced with the Wangramirez company, with which she continues touring around the world. She has been nominated as an “outstanding female dancer” for Khan’s Until the Lions by the National Dance Awards (UK).

Joy has been creating her own work since 2016 and collaborating with Lukas Steltner and the Viviana Durante Company. She has also been collaborating as an associate choreographer with Akram Khan, Chen Shi-Zheng, the Indie rock band Florence and the machine, as well as creating performances for the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD), Dance Arts Faculty Rome (DAF) and Beijing Dance Academy.


A little insight into Kaash:

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Kaash (2014), Image: Jean-Louis Fernandez